Tiny Tips: MORE Holiday Cheer!

Written by Thursday, 20 November 2014
MORE Holiday Cheer! 
Perrier Magic Mocktail
We are SO excited about this fun, festive, holiday drink for all ages, that we had to share it via video so you can have the full experience.  Perrier is mixed with cotton candy to create a deliciously-interactive drink experience. Click the link below for the full experience!
Perrier Cocktail
Sugared Cranberry Accents
Sparkling sugared cranberries are perfect little garnishes for the holiday season. They are delicious on their own and can be the perfect companion to champagne and cakes.
Pommes Frites 
Turn a classic comfort food  into a sophisticated appetizer. Pommes Frites (that's French fries for all you non-francophiles) tossed with fried parsley and truffle oil gives this deliciously fried favorite a grown-up twist for your holiday gathering.
Wooden Slab Chargers
Wooden slabs add an organic and natural feel to your event table. For corporate events and wedding celebrations, you can even brand the wood for additional effect. Natural greenery accents lend a warm holiday feel to settings as well.
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Tiny Tips: Holiday Cheer!

Written by Wednesday, 12 November 2014
Holiday Cheer!
It's time already... get ready lots for fabulous holiday tips in the weeks ahead!
Cosmopolitan Champagne Cocktail
There is nothing like "holiday cheer" to start the season off with a bang!

1 1/4 cups Cointreau or Grand Marnier

1 1/4 cups cranberry juice cocktail

1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoons fresh lime juice

3 tablespoons superfine granulated sugar

4 cups chilled Champagne or other sparkling wine

Serves 10


Holiday-inspired Macarons
Macarons are fitting for EVERY season, but you can customize the color and flavor to fit the time of year. These blackberry and raspberry macarons with ginger and lime buttercream are served in festive champagne glasses with a spring of holly.  Definitely berry-licious!
3-D Invitations
When planning an event, the first impression is actually the invitation.  A 3-D invitation lets your guests know they are in for some serious WOW!
 (WOW ideas courtesy of bizbash.com)
Slinky Placeholder
Start a fun and lavish event by welcoming your guests to their seats with one-of-a-kind place holders. Gold slinkys can be used to support guests' name cards and are a fun favor for guests to remember your fabulous event! 
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Tiny Tips: MORE Personal Touches!

Written by Thursday, 06 November 2014
MORE Personal Touches!
We recently shared tips about customizing your events with personal touches.
Here's a couple more personal touches to consider...

Custom Wrapping Paper
Have a party favor for your guests?  Wrap them in custom wrapping paper!
Custom Table Numbers

Get inspired with table numbers and tell a story with them.  This bride and groom shared their love story by using special moments in their history as table number inspiration.  You can do the same for your wedding or even corporate event... remember linear order not required.

Balloon Picture Hangers
Attach pictures (or other interesting objects that fit your event theme) to helium-filled balloons.  Have table assignments at your soiree?  Consider attaching table cards to balloons in the reception area and invite guests to find theirs upon arrival. 
Island-inspired Cookie
We love this coconut-inspired cookie design by Pinch Food Design in New York.  It's a chocolate brownie-cookie filled with vanilla panna cotta.  Should we take it one step further and make it a haupia-infused panna cotta?
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Tiny Tips: Personal Touches!

Written by Thursday, 23 October 2014
Personal Touches!
Branding is NOT just for the business world.  Powerful personalization helps you to brand your event, whether corporate or personal, which ultimately helps to make it memorable. 
Custom Postage Stamps

Personalize your event by creating your own stamp when sending out invites and/or save the date cards to family and friends. 

Custom Bottle Labels

Create custom drinking label as a personalized touch for event refreshments.


Custom Ice Scupltures

Feature an ice sculpture that accentuates the event theme. (Of course, indoor venue with AC recommended for this particular décor accent.)

Custom DIY Pizza Bar

Homemade pizza is always a hit at home-based soirees.  But what if you step it up a notch and let people create their own personal pizzas.  You furnish the ingredients and invite your guests to call out their inner chef!  Whether they're gluten free, vegetarian, and pure carnivornes, you'll have options for almost any culinary preference.


Set out the variety of toppings, sauces, and even crusts, and your guests will get inspired!  (Pre-made crusts and an oven set on 450 degrees make for a quick 10-12 minute
cooking time). 


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Autumn Foods, Autumn Florals!
Homemade Hibiscus Rum Punch

Like Mary Poppins, we're a fan of RUM PUNCH. Make your OWN hibiscus syrup for this season's rum punch and your guests will be feeling supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!



Hibiscus Syrup

Servings: 4 cups

3/4 cup dried hibiscus leaves
(available at Whole Foods and health food stores)
4 cups water
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup dark brown sugar
1-inch section fresh ginger, crushed
2 whole star anise
Peel from 1 lemon
removed in strips using a sharp peeler or paring knife
Pinch of salt



  1. Combine all ingredients in a medium saucepan set over high heat. Bring to a boil, then drop heat to low and simmer, uncovered, for 10 minutes.
  2. Remove saucepan from heat, cover, and let steep for 5 minutes. Place a fine-meshed sieve over a large measuring cup or bowl with a pour spout and pour syrup through. Let drain completely and discard flowers and spices. 
  3. Pour the syrup into a clean, dry 32-ounce ball jar with lid, cover, and let cool. Store syrup in refrigerator for up to a year.


Hibiscus Rum Punch

Servings: 2 drinks

6 ounces water
6 ounces light rum, such as Appleton
4 tablespoons hibiscus syrup
2 lemon slices, for garnish


Combine water and rum in a small saucepan set over medium heat. Bring to a simmer, add hibiscus syrup, and stir to combine. Divide punch between two mugs, garnish with lemon slices, and serve.

Recipes courtesy of FoodRepublic.com  


Autumn Macarons

Macarons make for an excellent light dessert option.  Autumn-themed ones are a nice seasonal touch for your fall get-togethers.

Fall Floral Trend

Here's a hot tip in fall flower design from Krissy Price of Pollen Floral Design in Boston: Incorporate a variety of metals to accent the warmth in fall colors. 

Glittery Directions

Need to direct guests where to go? Do it with pizzazz with glittery sidewalk arrows! Nighttime event?  Spotlight the arrows for even more WOW!

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Put a Little Pumpkin in Your Party!
Pumpkin Cocktail: The Drunken Pumpkin Pie
It's October and 'tis the pumpkin season.
We can thank People.com for this pumpkiny delicious seasonal martini:

Drunken Pumpkin Pie

Makes 1

½ cup sugar
1 cinnamon stick
1 tsp. powdered cinnamon
½ cup graham crackers, finely crushed
2 oz. vanilla vodka
1 oz. coffee-flavored rum
.75 oz Irish cream


  1. Bring sugar and ½ cup water to a boil, stirring until the sugar dissolves. Remove from heat and drop in a cinnamon stick. Set aside, and let cool. (Once cool, discard the cinnamon stick.)
  2. Combine the powdered cinnamon and graham cracker crumbs in a shallow bowl or saucer. Dampen the rim of a martini glass with water, and dip it into the graham cracker mixture.
  3. In a shaker with ice, mix the vanilla vodka, coffee-flavored rum, Irish cream and .25 oz. cinnamon simple syrup. Shake and strain it into the rimmed glass.
Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats
You don't have to be a kid to love rice krispie treats! This cute grab-n-go dessert is pleasing to the eye and the tastebuds.
Pumpkin Cooler
Ice down your white wine or cold brews in a pumpkin cooler.  Functional and decorative!
Pumpkin Votives
Carve out the inside of a small pumpkin or gourd and place a votive in it.  An understated and natural decorative touch that enhances the atmosphere. 
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