Tiny Tips: Affogatos All Around!

Written by Thursday, 18 September 2014
Affogatos All Around!

Italy-inspired Dessert

Italian for "drowned", the affogato is classic vanilla ice cream or gelato drowned in espresso.
Bold and timeless, this dessert is also "portable" if you are not having a sit-down affair.
(Offer your guests Kahlua, Frangelico, Scotch, or other liquor and it becomes a "tipsy affogato.")


Mini Grilled Cheese

As we've shared before, comfort foods are all the rage on event menus these days.
What's more comforting than mom's famous grilled cheese?
For added comfort, serve up mini grilled cheese with tomato soup in espresso cups or shot glasses.
Your guests will have happy faces AND bellies!  


Hanging Votives

Hanging votives from trees and other foliage makes for a romantic starlit feel at your evening event.


Event Theme: Miami Vice

So you like the 80s...why not host a party with a Miami Vice theme?
Want to make it really interesting? Have a Don Johnson look alike contest!!!! (Make sure to take Lots of photos!)



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Tiny Tips: Go BIG or Go Home!

Written by Wednesday, 10 September 2014
Go BIG or Go Home!

Cake Falling From the Sky

This couple chose to go BIG! Their six-tier wedding cake was suspended from the ceiling of the Hyatt Regency Orlando at their May wedding.

Textured Linens

Specialty decor, like these textured linens, can provide visual appeal and flair to the atmosphere of your event.  To go extra bold, pick colors that POP! 


Bubble Sphere Entertainment
"Bubble Spheres" are a dramatic entertainment option for your event. The spheres hold performers as they float throughout your event space! (Featured performers are from Zen Arts out of Los Angeles).
Hamptons-Inspired Food Station
At the recent James Beard Chefs & Champagne event in the Hamptons, Celebrity Cruises' chef Steve Van der Merwe used martini glasses filled with glittery blue sand to hold his plates of local lamb chops. The eye-catching display resembled a sparkling ocean. 

Tiny Tips: Eco-Friendly Events

Written by Wednesday, 03 September 2014
Eco-Friendly Events

Bio 'n' Chic Sugarcane Tableware

Want to feature sleek eco-friendly tableware that minimizes your carbon footprint? These sugarcane products make it happen!


DIY Leaf Confetti

Want to keep with the green theme?  Adorn your fall tablescape with eco-friendly confetti made from lovely fall leaves. 

Champagne Mojito

We love the idea of combining two of our favorite drinks (which also happens to feature a little green). Champagne + Mojito = Complete Deliciousness!  Here's the recipe via "StyleMePretty"


Umbrella Welcoming Committee

You cannot control the weather, but you can prepare for it. Having staff with umbrellas ready to cover guests coming in and out of events is a thoughtful touch and demonstrates to your guests that they will be well taken care of throughout the event. 

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Tiny Tips: Engaging Your Guests

Written by Friday, 29 August 2014
Engaging Your Guests

Engagement is the art of social media - turning passive spectators to active participants. LiveSift lets your event and meeting attendees use their smartphones to engage, contribute, and collaborate in real-time. With LiveSift it is quick and easy to facilitate group activities like polling, brainstorming, and moderated Q & A sessions for groups of all sizes.  (Mahalo to our friends at Social Media Club of HI for this tip!)LiveSift.com Audience Engagement Tool


"Floats Bar" Stations

Root beer floats are a comfort food/drink for all ages. Use it as your dessert option or even just a guest refresher during an outdoor mid-day party.

Glamourize your S'mores

Comfort food need not be dull. Just ask Elegant Affairs Off-Premise Catering & Event Design in New York City who developed this amazing piece of dessert art: Chocolate-dipped toasted marshmallows with graham cracker dust and chocolate-filled pipettes.  

EVENT THEME: Vintage Hollywood

Your guests will feel glamorous in a vintage Hollywood theme party.
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Tiny Tips: Espresso Bar Bliss

Written by Friday, 15 August 2014
Espresso Bar Bliss!
Coffee makes us happy...and people love to be able to order their favorite type of espresso drink.  Feature a barista and a specialty coffee bar at your day-time or corporate event when cocktails are not on the menu.  For an evening soiree, add liqueurs to the mix!
Phone Charging Stations
Nothing is worse than a dead phone when you want to be posting pics at an event.  Provide phone charging stations for you guests and let the hashtags roll!
Deconstructed Menu Items
There is some debate in the foodie world about the merits (and downfalls) of "deconstructed foods" but we think these creative takes on menu items are pretty interesting.  As a general rule, deconstructed food involves separating a dish's ingredients or components and then re-presenting them in original, creative, and unexpected ways. If nothing else, these dishes often serve as great conversation starters among guests! 
Gold Glam
If you want elegance AND glitz in event decor, gold gets it done!
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The Five Fs of Employee Appreciation

Written by Sunday, 03 August 2014

When employees feel appreciated, it makes for a happier work environment, greater productivity, and a better bottom line. Happy employees stick around longer which means less company resources and time have to be committed to hiring and orientating new staff. Show your employees the love and your company will prosper!

What are the things that make employees feel special? Here are five we think are winners:


Plan events and activities that inject a little fun into the workaday world. Friendly staff competitions, off-site excursions, holiday parties all of these get people out of work mode and into fun mode. These fun activities release people’s minds from the often-stressful workload and let them blow off steam. They also build camaraderie and communications amongst staff which facilitates better working relationships back at the office.

Bank of Hawaii “Summer Slam” Employee Appreciation Event, July 2014


Want to show your employees that you care about them and that you trust them? Be flexible and open to creative ways of getting the job done. Insisting something be done one way because “that’s how we’ve always done it” can create an atmosphere of rigidity that stifles creativity. Allowing for flexible scheduling, around the holidays for example, shows employees that you care about not just them but their families and their lives outside the office.


Like extending flexibility, giving your employees freedom demonstrates your confidence and trust in them. Howard Behar, former president of Starbucks, has popularized the concept that “the person who sweeps the floor chooses the broom.” This means that you trust your employees enough to make smart decisions about how to best accomplish their individual scope of work. In this quick 2 minute video, he explains the concept and how it benefits the company at large.


Food makes us happy. Food brings us comfort, satisfaction, joy! People connect over food. Treat your employees with food and they will feel the love. How about scheduling a favorite food truck to come by the office once a month on the company? Or surprising your staff with a tasty treat during a long meeting. You may even want to combine food and fun and do an employee activity based around food (a teambuilding cooking class, for example).


Let’s face it... money talks. Whether a raise, a bonus, or an employee competition which has a cash prize, people appreciate cold hard cash. They also feel appreciated when their hard work is rewarded monetarily. If the company is going through a difficult season financially and raises or bonuses are not an option, consider giving smaller tokens of appreciation (gift cards coupled with words of praise) for a job well done.

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