Tiny Tips Vol.8

Written by Sunday, 13 April 2014

Cheers! Sante! Cin cin! 


Wine Chime Toasting Bar


The Wine Chime ™ Toasting Bar is a brand new, interactive, tabletop decoration and centerpiece. As guests gather around the table, everyone touches their glasses to the horizontal brass tonal bar together, in unison, enhancing the age-old tradition of toasting. The brass tonal bar rings out in celebration encouraging interaction and creative conversation among guests.  



Color Blocking

Color blocking is a huge trend in both fashion and event design. Color blocking involves pairing two or more totally different colors together to make a bold statement. For successful color blocking, keep your colors in the same color family such as all pastels or all neon colors


This BOLD and beautiful runner made out of petals deftly employs the color blocking technique.

This colored-blocked tablescape was featured at last month's CaterSource conference.  Note the hot pink chivari chairs alongside bold and varied plate colors, linen accents, and flowers. The use of white seats and linens serves provides a consistency amidst the boldness. 


Ice Cream Fondue

Pair the sumptuous experience of fondue with a classic dessert like ice cream and enjoy a doubly sweet treat.  This interactive and delicious final course is a great way to round out an evening.  



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Tiny Tips Vol.7

Written by Monday, 07 April 2014

Lights, Delights & More! 


Lighted Tables


For a nighttime event with serious WOW appeal, consider lighted tables like this edgy table configuration.  



Slow Motion Booth

 Often through the excitement of an event, time seems to speed up. You have an amazing time, but you can't help but feeling like you wish you could've stopped time to really experience every moment, every person. 


Now you can! The "Slow Motion Booth" allows you to capture the moment-in slow motion! - and replay it again and again, long after the event concludes. 



S'more Station

Create a S'more station for guests to socialize and mingle around the childhood favorite pastime. 




Geometric Patterns

Written by Tuesday, 01 April 2014

Acute triangles. Circles. Octagons. At first glance these words might resurrect long buried nightmares from a high school math class. Rest easy and don’t let those haunting memories deter you from one of the edgiest trends this year… geometric patterns! These classic shapes are making their way into the wedding world faster than you can measure the radius of your dinner plate. My apologies…I could not resist.

Sleek lines, contemporary colors and metallic tones are combined to create fun and unique blends that will update and modernize any event. Need a more feminine look? Incorporate the smooth curves of ovals and circles. Want a bolder look? Try solid triangles or chevron patterns. To infuse some eclectic charm, use loose flower arrangements with larger flowers like peonies and hydrangea in modern vessels. There are no rules so play with different patterns and shapes until you find a mix that fits the ambiance you are trying to create. One of my absolute favorite things about this trend is how easily you can incorporate different shades and colors together. The days of event planning with two or three colors are gone…and good riddance!

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Tiny Tips Vol.6

Written by Thursday, 27 March 2014

Eat Your Heart Out! 


Pizza Perfect


Looking to have a fun but relaxed party where you don't take things too seriously? Consider featuring a menu of made-to-order pizzas by a bonafide Maestro Pizzaiolo, who makes custom pizzas on site.  Buon Appetito!




Food Truck Craze

Part of the allure of having a "pizza guy" on site during your soiree is that it also provides an element of entertainment and visual interest at the event. Having food trucks on-site provides a similar appeal. Made increasingly popular with local food truck round-up events like Honolulu's "Eat the Street," food trucks deliver high-quality, delicious food on-site, and in many cases, they bring your favorite restaurant to your door.


Mimosa Bar-Deluxe Edition

Well known for adding flair to morning events, mimosas are great for corporate brunches or rewards parties where you want to lighten things up a bit, as well as for birthday parties or holidays where you're already in the mood to celebrate. Mixing things up with tropical juices and fresh fruit garnish adds additional panache to this classic drink.  


Tiny Tips Vol.5

Written by Thursday, 20 March 2014

WOW Caviar Bars! 


Caviar Bars

Take the traditional seafood bar to the next level with a caviar bar.  Resting on blocks of sculpted ice or even bowls of sculpted ice, these displays infuse a rich luxuriousness to any event. 


Unique Seating Arrangements

Tablescaping can add a dramatic look to an event. Whether you're designing a wedding reception or ceremony, a gala, or a private soiree, placing tables and chairs in unique configurations provides a fresh alternative to more traditional table and chair approaches. 

Visual Timelines

For longer events (galas, weddings, etc), providing your guests with a timeline helps them get a feel for the day to come.  Little touches like snazzy timeline cards help deliver information your guests need while also adding some visual flair to the event experience.


Tiny Tips Vol.4

Written by Thursday, 13 March 2014

It's time to go green!

Go Green with Hemlock
You may remember a few weeks back we referenced the Color of the Year 2014: Radiant Orchid in our Tiny Tips. And while that beautiful purple shade is the "hot" color of the year, Pantone also releases a  Fashion Color Report for each spring which features a spectrum of colors. The "green" in this Spring's spectrum is an earthy "Hemlock" (Pantone 15-6114).
Hemlock serves as a great background color, reminds us of springtime, and acts as a nice accent to many other colors.  It carries an elegant, vintage feel, adding a richness to any event. 
Go Green with Bamboo
Bamboo, especially fitting here in the islands, always provides an understated elegance with a crisp, clean feel for your event décor. 
Go Green with Favors
Gift your guests with an eco-friendly favor from the earth. Each plantable paper leaf has seeds (either garden flowers or an herb seed mix) embedded right in the artisan paper. These leaves look perfect simply scattered on tables as a colorful and creative decoration that guests can take home with them after the event.
Go Green with Cocktails
Craft cocktails, accented with fresh basil, mint, cucumber or  rosemary, continue to be popular.  Specialty cocktails that are unique and fresh generate a little excitement at any event #yummy!
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